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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Are we really celebrating our dog's birthday??? Yes we are!

Marmu celebrated her first birthday with us, she turned seven. Abby made her a birthday hat and the girls made some doggie cupcakes. They were so excited.

We all sang for her too (and videotaped the moment). ^_^

Abby made a little banner for her too, isn't it cute?

Marmu's b-day presents... a bonzo bone and some treats from Petco.

Birthday Hike 2011

I think this is the third straight year that I've embarked on this hike from Idyllwild to Palm Springs on my birthday. Although Abby really doesn't like hiking a whole lot, she joined me on my birthday hike. I think that says a lot about her character.

Oooh, pine cone! Abby says. So funny because we live where there are pine cones EVERYWHERE.

Overlooking Suicide Rock.

The ferns had all leafed out, the greenery was really pretty.

Break time.

Willow Creek. We had several water crossings which really helped us deal with the heat. Wet bandanas feel really good.


Hidden Lake. A good sign that we're almost there.

Riding down the Palm Springs Tramway. A nice little reward after a 8.1-mile hike.