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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Many Faces of Abby

Abby is such a crack up, it was more entertaining to watch her face than to play Jenga. ^_^

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sage's First Bike Race

My boy is growing up. Sage raced his first mountain bike race at the Idyllwild Spring Challenge this year. He raced in the junior mens 11-12 category, a 7-mile course. Despite being sick the weeks prior to the race and not training much, he did really well, finishing in 1:09 hrs and coming in at 6th place.

He even got his race pic in the local paper. ^_^

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Raisin Tree

The other day Sage was reading the box from my Raisin Bran when he read somewhere that their raisins are made from the best grapes. What??? Raisins are made out of grapes??? Yeah, what did you think they came from? A raisin tree. (chuckle from the rest of us) You're kidding, you really didn't know? No, they never taught that at school. Well, that's because everyone already knows that. I didn't. Yeah, obviously. But it was cute. Moral of the story... common sense is not so common.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Abby's 1st Clarinet Recital

After three years of piano, Abby wanted to try a different instrument so she tried the clarinet this year. She already had an edge over the other kids cuz she already knew how to sight read. She initially wanted to try the sax but was told her hands are too small. Maybe next year.

Children's Day 2011

Life's been so busy I've been forgetting to celebrate certain days. This year I totally forgot about Girls Day (March 3rd) till the day and so it turned out to be just a regular day. And I almost forgot about Children's Day (May 5). It was too late to pull out the decorations, I had forgotten to ask Sage what he'd like for dinner, and we had a orchestral recital later that day for the girls. It was starting to look like nothing special was going to be done. Emi says I been forgetting to do anything the last several years, which I proved her wrong by pulling up an old blog post from two years ago (^_^) but I had forgotten to do anything last year. So today, after I picked them up from school I took them to the Candy Cupboard for a little treat. Emi and Abby chose frozen chocolate covered bananas, Sage got a snow cone. Even took a picture, for the record.