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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emi's 14th

Emi turned 14 this year and entered high school. The kids are growing up too fast. Luckily for Emi, although her b-day landed on a Saturday (her school has classes on Saturday) it got cancelled since it was the beginning of the Thanksgiving Break. So she got to sleep in a little bit and enjoyed her b-day french toast and omlet breakfast before we headed down to the desert.

She had talked about wanting her ears pierced but wanted to do it on a "special" day so her piercings would have meaning. So she thought her 14th b-day would be a good day.

For her b-day dessert this year she chose some Rainbow Sherbet.

I'm 14! (I don't have enough fingers so help me Abby!)

Girl Scout Day at the Living Desert

Abby joined the Girl Scouts this year. Their first "big" Scout Day outing was to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. It was one of those places that is somewhat close by but we haven't been so it was nice. She had a fun time with her friend Lexi.