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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Promotion Dance 2012

Sage is finishing 7th grade as he attends the Promotion Dance.   And to all of our surprise, he goes with a date!  The theme was "New York."  One more year of middle school and he'll be in high school.  The kids are growing up too fast.
With his date Riley, fellow Hillbilly.

The Tough Guys. 

The 7th grade class, Idyllwild Middle School Class of 2013.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We had our first exchange student experience with Akane, who came from Marmumori town in Japan.  She was one of ten students, and one of four who chose Idyllwild instead of Hemet.  We had her for about a week, which seemed too short for it was over right when we were starting to get to know her.  We got to play Tour Guide, which was fun, and I think it was nice for the kids to learn more about Japanese culture.  Hopefully my kids will cross paths with her again in the future.
At the Fort.

May Valley

Agua Caliente Hot Springs Pool
May Valley, acting like stereotypical Japanese  people.

Lookout point, Anza Borrego Desert.
Palm Desert Mall

Food court.
Old Fashioned Hand Dipped ice cream at the Candy Cupboard.  Sooo good.
Cahuilla Indian pictographs.  One of Idy's hidden treasures.

Akane's first Pixie Stix.
Idyllwild Town Monument.
Nature Center Loop.

Lake Hemet.

Students & Families.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Our First Scout

The last of our children also became the first one to join the Scouts.  Abby's in 5th grade so she is a Junior.  We were never really into Girl Scout cookies, but with her selling them this year, we bought and ate more then we probably should of have!