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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birth Order

There are days when I wonder why my kids act the way they do. You try to treat them all the same, hoping they all feel loved and secure, and be good, understanding people. But I know if I ask my kids, they will probably say they are treated unfairly. Their different personalities have different needs. Times like this I think about birth order, and how although they seem stereotypical, the kids somewhat fit the mold. They say the first born is generally more confident, born leader, determined, organized, eager to please, and likes to avoid trouble. Emi is definitely the most independent, and tries her best to be the best. She is the "good girl." I think she hides her needs, which makes it harder to see what she wants from us.

The second child is said to feel invisible, not having a defined place in the family, and often reach out outside of the family for significant relationships. They are often influenced by their peers. Since less is expected of them, they tend to have a more relaxed attitude towards life. They're supposed to be good negotiators since they are able to see both sides. Sage has been acting out lately, acting irrationally sometimes, even being mean, especially to Abby. Sure, siblings fight, but I sense he has something against her. I'm sure he feels she gets the most mommy-time, something he wishes he had more of. He's sensitive, and seems to be looking for approval and acceptance. He needs someone to connect with. It's gotta be tough being surrounded by girls. He has been the hardest to deal with lately.

The youngest child often crave the spotlight. They'll often work hard to be the center of attention, and go against the norm. They are often very persistent, affectionate, and good storytellers. Yes, Abby is VERY persistent, she will not stop till she gets what she wants. She is the biggest bug. Non stop. But she is the most expressive and the goofiest, sometimes without shame...

Imagine having the power to shape three lives in your hands...scary...

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