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Monday, July 09, 2007

4th of July

Headed down to San Diego for the 4th. As we drove down Idyllwild, it was 103 in Temecula. We heard it was going to get hotter...Mitsu met us there, we haven't seen them since New year's. The kids always enjoy playing with Sekai.

When we got to my dad's house, he hosed them down to cool them off... I think he gets some sick pleasure doing this...

Later that day, we decided to climb Cowles Mtn. I figured if we went at 5pm, it'd be cool enough. Boy, was I wrong.

At the summit, 1591'. The highest point in the city of San Diego. Sage's first summit.

Wrestling with Teru...
Mitsu looks happy pouring some wine...


Sekai had gone to the beach with his friend and Sage hosed him down to get the sand off him. Being a fellow boy, you'd think he'd know better not to shoot him there!

The kids being goofy...

Mission Bay. Sage borrowed my dad's trunks and had fun making "boobs."


Takeru made a sand ball, and I asked him to say "cheese!", this is his "cheese" face.

A group picture with my dad and all his grandkids. It was a rare moment for all of them to be there together. I think it made my dad happy.

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