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Monday, February 08, 2010

Sage's Homemade Super Bowl Saints Shirt

Sage made this Drew Brees shirt to wear for the Big Game. He used some puffy fabric paint and had fun making it.


Sekai said...

Nice shirt Sage! Hows it going Yumi-Chan? We had a snow day today. NO SCHOOL! Like 2 feet of snow. cold

Mother Bliss said...

Hey Sekai, how are you liking Michigan? Do you just have an account or have you started a blog? We'd love to see pics. Say hi to your folks for us.

Sekai said...

Michigan is good, made so many friends. Id like to start a blog, but right now im just using my gmail. and if am able to start a blog, i can write about my trip first so everybody knows what i did, and i can introduce my friends! I will tell my folks you said hi. and i will ask if i can create a blog. See you!