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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Mountain #5

I took the kids up Black Mountain for our first camping trip of the year. This was the first time we went without Daddy so I was a little nervous at first but things went smoothly.
Our site this time was #5, overlooking Banning and Cabazon. We decided to pitch our tent close to the edge so we can enjoy the views.
Abby getting her marshmallow stick ready.

Played some horseshoes. Here's Abby's ringer.
Abby threw one granny-style which went straight up. Watch out!

Sage sure likes climbing rocks.

Checked out the lookout point at sunset. Just beautiful.

Marshmallow time. I wish they can use their focus and concentration on other things too...

Smores! One of those foods I just don't get. I like toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, just not all together.

They like their marshmallows nice and burnt. Don't know why.

Good morning! Why is it that we can wake up early when we go camping?

What a nice morning view.

Breakfast table.

Sage would grab a piece and walk off, whereas the girls will sit and stay where the food is. ^_^

Just had to check out the view again before heading home.

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