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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gourd Craft Workshop

I've seen pictures of gourd crafts and I just really liked how they look. Especially the simple ones with nice earthly colors. Although I read about the process online, I just couldn't make the next step to buy the supplies and try it at home. And then I see there is a gourd crafting class offered in town, and there aren't too many classes like these up here. It was reasonably priced, $35 for a six-hour class, all materials included. I ask Abby to join me and off we went.
Uncleaned gourds.
The instructor's finished gourds. Aren't they beautiful? And we get to make these!??

My gourd...before...

The gourd is washed and starting to look nice already.

We drew in our designs with pencil and then used a wood-burning tool. This was a lot harder than it looked, the curves especially were tricky. I was so glad I didn't decide to have a design covering the entire gourd. ^_^

Abby handled the woodburning quite well.

And then they are inked with a Q-tip.

Yes, this part was a bit tedious and long... and my question of 'why six hours?' was answered.

Abby used black paint for her background so she got to use a paintbrush.

Drying them after spraying them with polyurethane.

Some gourds by others from the class. Everyone's gourd looked nice.

Those are some nice looking gourds we brought home. Abby kept saying she has fun. She is turning into a mini-me. Emi's art class is doing a gourd project soon and is going to a gourd farm. I think I might tag along. ^_^


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Awesome work!

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