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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kayaking the Salton Sea

Memories of the Salton Sea aren't very good. I remember dead fish and stinky air. But one day I read a friend's Facebook post saying she's going to kayak the Salton Sea. For real? I thought, but at the same time, sounds neat! So I got some info from her and off we went.
Kayak the Sea is a free program run by the visitor center. I think they are trying to get more people aware of the sea and help preserve it.

Helping get the kayaks ready.

Test "sitting" on the kayak, making sure it feels right.

Practicing in the harbor before heading out.

We couldn't of asked for better conditions. No winds, somewhat sunny with a lot of clouds that made the water looked very glassy, real surreal looking and trippy.

It was so peaceful, being surrounded by nature.

"Tag, you're it!" Sage and I shared a tandem kayak and played tag with Emi. We heard some giggles from the other kayakers.
They had so much fun, they want kayaks now. I hear other lakes offer similar programs so we'll be checking that out. ^_^

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