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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Children's Day 2011

Life's been so busy I've been forgetting to celebrate certain days. This year I totally forgot about Girls Day (March 3rd) till the day and so it turned out to be just a regular day. And I almost forgot about Children's Day (May 5). It was too late to pull out the decorations, I had forgotten to ask Sage what he'd like for dinner, and we had a orchestral recital later that day for the girls. It was starting to look like nothing special was going to be done. Emi says I been forgetting to do anything the last several years, which I proved her wrong by pulling up an old blog post from two years ago (^_^) but I had forgotten to do anything last year. So today, after I picked them up from school I took them to the Candy Cupboard for a little treat. Emi and Abby chose frozen chocolate covered bananas, Sage got a snow cone. Even took a picture, for the record.

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