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Monday, June 13, 2011

Abby's 10th Birthday

My baby is now in her double digits. How time has flown. This little girl has so much character, she cracks me up daily. We started the day early, waking at 4am to drive Daddy to work. After dropping him off around 6am we headed over to Denny's to claim her free b-day meal only to find out we were supposed to print something from the website so we struck out there. Abby ordered herself some cinnamony fried pancake balls.

Licking the syrup like cats. Being in public didn't stop them from acting goofy and laughing their heads off. ^_^

Abby's choice of birthday gifts usually aren't typical for someone her age. This year she wanted some Tevas and a Snowball plant. Home Depot didn't carry the snowball plant so she chose this beautiful hanging plant instead.

We had some time to kill before meeting up with Jiji and Baba so we checked out the Oceanside Pier, the longest wooden pier on the West Coast. The girls and I each had a camera and were taking a bunch of pictures, we must of had TOURIST written all over us.

A little souvenier from the pier gift shop... a heart shaped stone.

This year she wanted to go strawberry picking for her special day. I think the last time was when she was really little but she had seen pictures and wanted to do it again. So we headed over to Carlsbad's Strawberry Fields.

Carlsbad's only 30 minutes from where my folks live so they came out and joined us.

Grandparents always mean we get to eat out so we went to Coyote in Carlsbad. They had really good Chipotle salsa.

They got her a Pillow Pet. I know they are a gimmick item but they sure are cute. She named it "Mitsu" after her uncle.

Headed over to the beach after lunch. We caught some sand crabs, Sage dug a huge hole in the sand, and Emi just slept.

Met up with Daddy after he got off work at the Saigon Noodle House. Her b-day dinner request was the crunchy noodles topped with stir-fry, spring rolls and some Thai Tea.

She also wanted a can of whipped cream so she can do this whenever she wants. The can did not last long.

B-day cake... angel food cake with fresh picked strawberries and whipped cream.

Hope you had a good birthday!

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