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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Entering Decade #4

I usually don't celebrate my birthdays (except go hiking), but since it was my big 4-0, David said we should do something.  There had been one thing I'd been wanting to do but hadn't been able to get the family on board so I took advantage of my special day and asked to get one of those sepia toned ol' time photos taken.  Surprisingly they were hard to find, but I found one in Big Bear.  We added kayaking into the mix since we'd already be in Big Bear.

Woke up to Monkey Bread Emi made for me.

Only two kayaks were available so Abby and I got a canoe.

Walked around downtown till our photo time.
They look cute, but at the time it was hilarious to see each other in these clothes, we couldn't stop laughing.

Found an arcade, Emi and I played some pool.
Dinner at a pub which had a foosball table.  Sage and Abby vs. Daddy.  Abby just scored.

Came home to some cream puffs Abby made for me.
Good day, good birthday.

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