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Friday, September 21, 2007

Climbers Trail

Here's a new trail for us. Another route to Suicide, but shorter. They say it's two miles roundtrip, but definitely not easy. Although this is a trail for those who want to rockclimb Suicide, it definitely is a trail that makes you climb. Started off on a dirt trail, which turned into small boulders, and then walking up the side of the mountain wherever we could. David was hopping around like a billy goat, the caffeine from his morning coffee defintely kicked in. "Liquid Gold, better than Cocaine." He wore his bright red Euro-beret so he was easy to spot.

Such a "zen" picture. The tree could of been over a little bit. It is blocking the view of Tahquitz.
Billy goat David

I wrapped my camera on a branch and set it on self-timer. David thought it was an accident waiting to happen, but all ended well.

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