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Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Gummies

Picked up some candy molds from Michael's and tried gummi candy again. They came out cute with their little shapes, almost looks store bought. The kids will be stoked when they come home.


Velociraptor said...

great looking gummies! Are they chewy or gooey? Hard side or on the soft side? And what flavor is that?? bet Dave and the kids like 'em.

Here is the address for Google-reader. Just Copy and Paste. Till next time!

Mother Bliss said...

They're kinda on the hard chewy side, next time I'll try less gelatin so make them a bit softer. These were mixed berry, kinda limited to what Jello flavors are available, but soon I'll get my own flavorings and try making Shot Blocks for David. The kids love these!