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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pilgrimage to SSWC--Roadtrip Day 1

The SSWC was in Durango, Colorado this year so we took a roadtrip to Colorado. Colorado is one of the states we are considering moving to so it was a good opportunity to check out some of their towns. We headed out Wednesday around 6:30pm after David got home from work and just drove. We pulled over around 2am for about an hour and kept driving. I usually don't wake up early enough to see a sunrise so it was nice to see one again.
We arrived at the Four Corners Monument around 6:15am to find a sign that says they don't open till 8am and a line of cars. Such craziness, I thought, all these cars waiting to get in on a Thursday! I later realize we went through the time switch so it was actually 7:15am and those people in line were the Indian vendors!

This monument is in the middle of nowhere, and all it was was a concrete slab with flags. And $3/person to get in. So it's now on the been-there-done-that-never-again list. But the kids really wanted to see this place so it was good.

Afterwards we registed David real quick in Durango and headed over to Pagosa Springs where David's friend has a house he let us stay in.

Pagosa Springs Brewery wasn't very attractive from the outside so we headed over to Pagosa Pub Works to get some brews and play some pool. This was Abby & Sage's first time.

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