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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 3 (Part 2): Purgatory Mtn. to Ouray

While David was racing, I took the kids to Purgatory Mtn. for some fun activities. We rode the ski lift up to ride the Alpine Slide down. This bobsled like ride was pretty long and real fun.

Abby was fearless, she zipped down as fast as she could.

Rock climbing. The tower was a little wobbly so it was a little scary, even though we were harnessed in.

After the race, we headed north towards Ouray where we were staying the night. Along the side of the road is this mound with warm water coming out of it. It was called Pinkerton Hot Springs although there wasn't anywhere to soak.

Silverton, CO. A mining town, where we stopped for a bite to eat.

The place had a lot of animals in it. A little strange eating a hamburger surrounded by all these dead animals...

There was even one of a butt that we couldn't help but laugh at. How often do you see this???

Still snow on the tops of the mountains, even in September.

The drive was just absolutely gorgeous.

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