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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm

I am one of those people who have dry lips year round. I'm constantly putting lip balm on my lips. But one day I read that the ingredients in commercial lip balm, namely phenol, camphor, and menthol actually cause the lips to dry out. Yes, they have some antibacterial properties, but no wonder my problem never went away. How sneaky, putting something in the product that'll make you need it more. So I started looking into making my own but wanted a simple recipe. Found one at, pretty much just beeswax, oil, and essential oil. It was very simple to make, I melted the beeswax pearls and sweet almond oil in the microwave and added my spearmint essential oil. Poured them into old lip balm containers that I had been saving just for this very occasion (^_^). The balm came out harder than the store-bought kind but still very useable. However I could barely smell the spearmint. So I re-melted everything and added in 10 more drops of peppermint oil this time. I can smell it more but it doesn't taste like it or have that tingling sensation I thought the mint would give. Nonetheless, I am happy with my first batch. I bought my supplies on Etsy, the beeswax was about $2.50 (including shipping) and sweet almond oil was $7. I used about half of it and got five tubs out of it. And I know what's in them are all natural and aren't going to make my lips drier.

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Glitter Monkey said...

I found your blog looking for lip balm recipes as I'm making my own too. I added Shea Butter to mine and it made it really soft and gave a lovely sheen. I also read to add 2 tablespoons of the oil and this worked - it really pops and tingles the lips. I love making my own cosmetics - soaps next!! Keep up the good work. Lol Lynn ♥