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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Day 4: Ouray, CO

National Geographic named Ouray, CO as one of the ten most beautiful places in America. When I read that I got real excited that it was one of our stops. Known as the Switzerland of America, the small town that stretches about a half mile long is surrounded by steep, rocky mountains. They are known for their ice climbing in the winter as the waterfalls freeze.

We hiked up a trail called Baby Bathtubs, named for the small pools of water that form between the rocks. Very beautiful hike.

Sage went a little crazy taking pictures, he got excited seeing mini waterfalls between the cliffs. I was glad to see that he was getting stoked being in the beauty of nature. I can see him someday later in life going on vacation and taking a million pictures on landscape, yup he's got my genes. (I took about 750 pics on this 8-day trip. A good part of it on landscape. ^_^)

Hot Springs Pool. They had different sections for hot, lukewarm, and cold.
If we lived here, we'd be here ALL THE TIME! ^_^

The town.

It started to rain so we went into a bar & grill. We saw a sign that said they had pitchers so it was a no-brainer. ^_^

Had a taco salad, one of the best taco salads I have ever had. Besides the usual salad veggies, it had grilled chicken breast, black beans, bacon crumbles and bleu cheese. So good.

Took a stroll around the neighborhood and found a deer eating someone's grass. I guess this is a common site in Ouray. We totally felt like tourists taking pictures of the deer. Now I know what the tourists feel like when they visit Idyllwild and trip out on the squirrels!

Luckily our hotel had a hot tub. Something about soaking in hot water just makes you enjoy the moment and brings peace within.

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