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Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years 2010

In Japan, New Year's is a bigger celebration than X-mas so every year we stay home for x-mas and head down to SD to spend time with my folks for New Years. This year, the big x-mas present for the kids was a Wii. So we brought it with us and we all got into it. ^_^
A cute pic of my folks.
My brother Teru was offered an opportunity to become a live-in student at an Aikido dojo. So we brought our sleeping bags with us and joined him for the night. First thing was to wipe the mats clean and although for those who do this daily it is a chore, but the kids had fun doing this.

They had a blast playing in such a wide open matted area with huge balls.

They made little forts with the chairs for them to sleep in.

Next day we headed to the park for a little fun.

Traditional New Year's food, we ate it on New Year's Eve cuz my mom had to work the next day.

We found out that the trolley was free after 9pm so around 10pm we hopped on and went to Old Town. My mom decided to stay home cuz we'd get back too late and she'd be tired for work. But when we came back, she was still up, playing the Wii !

Surprising Old Town wasn't crowded at all. We were hoping some of the stores would be open, but only the restaurants were open. So we got some chips and a drink before heading back.

We got back at 11:50pm just in time to watch the ball drop on TV and go to sleep.

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