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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Five New Babies

It's that time again, chicky time! So we got five more, two Wyandottes, two New Hamphire Red, and one Barred Rock. They're just sooo cute at this stage, they cheep cheep all day, really brings a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Getting five chicks meant we all got to name one. Abby's chick is Superstar. Funny story, she couldn't come up with a name so she kept asking me for ideas. We came up with so many goofy ones, but when I said, How about Superstar? of course she gave me a funny look, but the chick responded to that name. It came running to me. We thought it was just coincidence, so we tried it again, and again. No way, we thought, laughing real hard each time the chick came running to me. This can't be, said Abby, so she put it across the room. But yet again, it comes running to "Superstar!" so the name stuck. ^_^ Sage named his LT after Ladanian Tomlinson of the Chargers. LT is a running back, and LT the chick happens to be a real fast runner, the fastest in the bunch. Emi named hers Luna, a pretty name, spanish for moon. Mine, for now, is Purin. It's a Japanese word for the flan custard. Mine is the brownish-yellow one so we thought that might fit. And David named his Nolina, after a desert flower.

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Sekai said...

Cute and Funny!!!