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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Family Time

Headed down to San Diego one last time for summer to meet up with Mitsu who drove from Michigan to SD to only stay for one night before flying back home for work. He did leave his wife and son in SD so we can all play.
The "kids" table...soon to be the "teenager" table.
My dad made chirashi-sushi with some yummy seafood. Being a sushi chef for many years I bet he misses making sushi. The corn in the background is from their garden. They tried growing corn this year.

Teru playing Wii Archery.

My mom playing Wii Jetski. It looked really funny. ^_^

Played some bowling thanks to the Kids Bowl Free program.

Abby's a pro at Wii bowling, but found out real bowling is more difficult.

Had a quick lunch at a Japanese ramen noodle shop before saying goodbye to Mitsu.

Torrey Pines State Beach.

Abby had fun boogie boarding.

And then she got cold and enjoyed the warm sun. ^_^

Three generations picture.

A goofy pic, we placed the camera on the floor and self-timered it.

The kids "let's see how tall you are" pic. Sekai has finally grown taller than Emi. David and Teru's got this bet on who's going to be taller when they're eighteen.


Sekai said...

Who's the handsome fellow in the ninth picture, third person from the front, drinking water?

Mother Bliss said...

I don't see David... ^_^