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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Big Horse Corn Maze

One day as we drove through Temecula, we drive by this giant corn maze. Abby's like, I wanna go! I guess she really wanted to go because she kept bringing it up, over and OVER for the next couple weeks. And so we went. It was also Sage's b-day weekend, so we tied it all in. Turns out this corn maze is Southern California's largest authentic corn maze. Emi had school plus a Halloween party, David was participating in the San Jac Enduro, so it was just the three of us.

Abby, looks like you're sitting on a pig...

"Corn Box". At first when we saw this on the list of activities, we wondered, what in the world is a corn box? Literally, a box full of corn. Some kept making its way into Abby's ears so she had to keep them covered.

Jumpers. They sure like jumpers.

Corn Maze. I think this would of been cool at night.

Corn Cannon. This thing was pretty neat. It'd be cool to have a Pine Cone Cannon and shoot it off our deck.

Pumpkin Bowling.

Not sure what this thing's called. Some sort of let's-dig-some-sand thingy magingy.

Big inflatable slide.

Rubber Duck Race. And we got to keep the duck. ^_^

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