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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sage's 12th & Halloween 2011

Persistence paid off for Sage this year. He wanted a sleepover for his birthday, but the last time he had one, the boys were VERY loud and so we had said no. He bugged us and bugged us, even made a list on WHY he should be allowed to have one. So we gave in. And they weren't as bad this time around so I guess it worked out.

Halloween... Sage was a burglar and Abby was a mime. Emi was still at school and was going to meet us there.

Sage and Ben (gangster).

Abby and Sidney (PB&J sandwich).

Emi & friends. She's supposed to be Snow White.

Alex the Skunk.

Abby's pumpkin, it's an owl.

Emi's pumpkin, there was a pumpkin carving at school so she did hers there.

Sage's pumpkin... I don't think he felt like carving this year.

B-day ride. He wanted to go somewhere he's never ridden so we did the Sunset/Sunrise trail loop in May Valley.

I am 12!

We got him a Mario game and some beef jerkey. Abby got him a lottery ticket. And then had some rootbeer float to top of the night of candies.

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