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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Abby's 6th B-day in Kernville

We went to Kernville to celebrate Abby's 6th Birthday. We all went rafting, the kids were a little nervous about falling in at first, but afterwards had so much fun they wanted to do it again. We stayed at a cozy log cabin near Lake Isabella. She wanted to have a birthday party with her school friends, but I think she was happy we went to Kernville. Its cute she is still at an age where things don't have to be glamours to be cool. Her b-day dessert of choice: a Jello cup with tangerines.
About an hour to Kernville, heading toward the mountains, my kids yell, "Look, mountains!" It was funny since we live in the mountains...

A lot of Joshua Trees along the way...

A view of Lake Isabella from above. We dropped David off at the top for his bike ride and met him back in town.

Mission accomplished. Looked up this primitive hot springs on the internet. Wasn't sure if I'd find it...unfortunately, we weren't alone. And it was clothing optional, which meant there are some naked, old, fat men around. Knowing this was a possibility, I had forewarned the kids not to point and laugh. The hot springs were right next to the Kern River, so if you get hot, you can jump into the river, and then hop back in the hot springs to warm up.

If we were alone, we could of hung out here all day.

The Trail of 100 Giants. About an hour north of Kernville, a grove of 100 giant Sequoia redwood trees. They say they only grow on the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas. Since my dad can receive energy from trees, I bet he would of loved this place.

Kern River. The water was really cold, but felt good. Makes me wish Idyllwild had a river...

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