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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Manzanita Tea

Emi tried making Manzanita Tea she learned from her friend Mallory's dad, a Cahuilla Indian.

She picked berries from the trees from our neighborhood, washed them, and separated them, skin from seeds.

She grinds the skins...

Sage wanted in on the fun and picked some berries to grind too.

Put them in a cheesecloth, and let it sit in some hot water and simmer...

Whola! Manzanita Tea! The berry taste was subtle, but worth making again with more berries!


Velociraptor said...

coool! Does she know how to make Weewish too?

Mother Bliss said...

No, but her friend's dad does. She had a sleepover at their house the other day and got to taste some. She said they tasted like rotten eggs!