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Monday, June 04, 2007

Summits #3 and #4

There is a list put out by the Sierra Club of 100 Peaks. ( Michelle and I thought it'd be fun to try to do the ones around Idyllwild. There are about 25 peaks in our area. So far we've done: #1 Suicide Rock and #2 Taquitz Peak Lookout. Today we did: #3 Spitler Peak and #4 Apache Peak. We started from Fobes Ranch Rd., walked part of the PCT, and walked a really steep climb to Spitler Peak. It was really warm, and the climb was brutal. But, as always, the views and the satisfaction of reaching the summit make it worthwhile.
Spitler Peak. Thank goodness for those cairns. They really helped us locate the peak.

We decided it'll be cool to do two peaks on the same day. Looking up at Apache Peak, we climbed up to the hump on the left.

Trekking across the Wilderness towards Apache Peak.

The views from Apache Peak.
San Jacinto Mountains.

Lake Hemet

Michelle looking for the summit register. No luck.

Looking back at Spitler Peak on the right.
Total stats: 11 miles, 3300' elevation gain, 5 hrs.

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