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Friday, August 03, 2007

1st Baseball Game

Took the kids to see their first baseball game, the Lake Elsinore Storm (minor team for the Padres.) Sage had been bugging me all summer about taking him to see a game. So we finally went, and thought it'd be fun if their friends went too. We had great seats, it wasn't crowded, and the weather was just right. Couldn't of asked for anything better. The kids had a good time, hangin' out with their buddies.

It was Disney night, there's Mr. Incredible, Snow White, and Robin Hood, and the team mascot riding a quad.

There were 17 of us, yes, that sounds like a lot, but it was a good group and it was a lot of fun. This may be the start of an annual tradition...

Our seats were 10 rows from the field. This would of been impossible at a major league game, unless we wanted to pay $50. For $9 a seat, what a great deal.

Sage and his friend Ben, with Thunder, the mascot. The girls thought he was mean and didn't want to get near him...

Sage and Ben were determined to get some autographs. In front is the Inland Empire 66ers' bullpen. It's funny, one guy's doing the "peace" sign.

To the kids, it was celebrity night...

After the game, a few players came out to the parking lot to sign autographs. Emi's getting her hat signed.

Emi's first picture with a professional (?) athlete. Hopefully she'll grow up to like athletes for their talents instead of their looks.

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