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Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

The day has finally come...the first day of school. Although they were a little bummed their summer vacation is over, (no more staying up late and sleeping in, and more importantly, no more playing ALL DAY), they had a good first day back. Abby was the most excited of the three, probably because 1st grade is still fun and games. They've been half-ass practicing going to bed early, they had no problems waking up early. I had the hardest time of all. My body's still used to sleeping in till 9am. (nice life, huh?) This year all three FINALLY go the whole day, giving me some free time. After dropping them off, did a short hike up Deer Springs to the wilderness border. Try to make it a regular thing so my body gets used to hiking again. And I'll start hiking with David again on Fridays, hopefully hitting some new trails. I have my iPod now, so maybe I won't think about the pain as much, and David not talking won't be so bad.

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Velociraptor said...

Hope you guys have lots o' fun in skooleo! and bagging your summits Yumi!

Bling Bling on e-bay yo!