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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels

I used to buy these from Trader Joe's, dark chocolate covered caramels. Oh these are soooo good. The caramels are bigger and just makes you go MMMMM when you bite into them. However they're about $3.50 for a small container which disappear way too fast. I tried making these a little over a year ago, but the caramels came out too soft and didn't hold their shape when they got dipped into the chocolate. So this time I cooked them a little longer. Maybe a tad too long, they're a little tough, but delicious nonetheless. Found a recipe that uses condensed milk, which I had some that needed to be used, so everything worked out. One batch made about 56 pieces, for about $4.

I then dipped them into some dark chocolate (got to use my new chocolate tempering spatula ^_^). Found a big bar for about $3.

Look at all these chocolates! Oh yeah!

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