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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Idyllwild Spring Challenge 2009

Headed out to Hurkey Creek for the Idyllwild Spring Challenge, a first bike race for me and a second one for Emi. She raced the 7-mile last year and wanted to try the 9.5-mile this year so we raced that together. It had been fun, going out riding with her to train, even those times when we got lost. I think it brought us closer. was very windy, shirts flying around everywhere. So windy our new EZ-up even broke, and we had so many rocks on the shirts keeping them in place. But I was really glad it didn't rain, as was predicted. That would of been miserable.
At the start line. A sight I thought I'd never see.

Emi (on the left) coming in to finish.

Abby participated in the kids race.

Awards ceremony for the kids. They all got a cool wooden medal.

Mr. Brown Shugga

Emi took first place, although she's eleven she raced in the 15-18 year old category so she could do the longer course. There was one other 15-yr old girl racing against her but she had a meltdown and didn't finish. That really says a lot about how tough Emi is. Like her socks?

2nd place for me, only 2 minutes behind the winner, and on a singlespeed so I think I did pretty darn good. ^_^

Pretty cool trophies.

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