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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Challenge Line-Up

This Saturday's the Idyllwild Spring Challenge, Emi and I will be racing and David'll run the shirt booth. It's an interesting role-reversal. So he'll hang out and drink some beers while we ride, possibly in the rain. I've been really busy and so we're using some of our old designs.
Bikeman. Womens in Heather Cinnamon, Mens in Military Green. I think this shirt will always be one in the mix.
Shoulder bag with the Pennyfarther design.

A new one, "Bike Nerd" this one's for the guys, baby blue ink on dk. chocolate shirt.

For the blue on navy blue shirt.

And the Penny's are back again. This time Heather Grey for the women, and Charcoal for the guys.
In addition, we'll bring along shirts from the past booths. This one's a somewhat small race, I think the one in June at Big Bear will be the one we'll have a little more variety, maybe even pins and magnets?

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Velociraptor said...

Congradulations! I look forward to hearing about it when I come over this weekend to pick up my stuff and Marmu!!