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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Abby's 8th B-day

We took the kids to Knott's Soak City in Palm Springs for Abby's birthday this year. Wanting to avoid the weekend crowd, the kids missed school and we went on her actual birthday. It had been cold where we live, cloudy and in the 40's so I wasn't sure how the weather would be but was glad to see it was sunny.
Sage liked this one, he rode this one many times.
The wave pool, kinda like the beach but with pool water. I'm not sure why but my kids hung out here a lot.

Sage and Abby chickened out in this one so Emi and I rode it together. They make you climb up all those stairs carrying your huge innertube, but it was worth it.

This one must of been Abby's favorite. A huge loop, you just drift. A relaxing, calm "ride."

Her birthday cake, a chocolate layered cake with marshmallow frosting and "magic" candles. ^_^

One of her gifts, a shoulder bag. I had her draw a picture and then I screenprinted it on it. That's Marmu. She loves bags, she's going to turn into a bag lady!

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