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Friday, June 26, 2009

Idyllwild to Palm Springs

Emi & I hiked from Idyllwild to the Palm Springs Tramway (8 miles) today. I had done the hike via a different route last year with David but this was Emi's first and I think she was looking forward to riding the tram.
Started off heading up Devil's Slide.
Saddle Junction...there were fields and fields of ferns creating a beautiful green carpet.

Willow Creek

Some rocks with some strange spots, all in this one area.

Getting close to Long Valley. Abby and Sage would of loved climbing on these huge boulders.

Riding the tram down. Pretty amazing site. It was a nice hike.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
This is going to sound strange, but in googling how to get from Palm Springs to Idyllwild w/o a car, your blog appeared.
I may be traveling with my 16-yr old daughter from Sweden, Europe, to Idyllwild Arts Academy in order for her to audition for the Boarding School sometime in March 2011.
Unfortunately, I don't have a car or a driver's license and am on a very tight budget.
Do you by any chance have any information on how to get from Palm Springs Airport to Idyllwild under these circumstances?
Would be extremely grateful for any kind of information concerning this!
Best regards,
Karin Lindmarker

Molly B said...

How long did it take? Were you exhausted? Did y'all hike back?

Mother Bliss said...

Molly... We live in Idyllwild so I had my husband drop us off at the Idyllwild trailhead. Took us about 4 hours. We had dropped off a car at the bottom of the Palm Springs Tramway the day before so we walked one-way (about 8-miles) and drove home. It was a nice hike, not overly tiring but it depends on what shape you're in and what snacks you're carrying. ^_^