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Saturday, January 15, 2011

1st Ride of 2011

My bike came out of the basement from its mini-hibernation for a little ride around the Hub. David put together a 6.4-mile loop: Lower Fence, Lower Tubs, Chimney Flats, Oz, and Lower Fence again.
Marmu resting a patch of snow while we stop to check out a sound on my bike.

Chimney Flats. First time on this trail, I really liked it. Nice views.

Rest area. Pretty views looking out toward Hemet.

Cute bike couple. ^_^

David had suggested now would be a good time to eat a snack. He knew what was next, even though I didn't. Lately my trail mix of choice has been peanuts, raisins, and gummy bears.

Propped the camera on top of a tripod I made with my camelbak, helmet, and snack container. Worked out better than expected.

End/beginning of Oz. Decision time again... trail or fire road?

Finished our loop in a little under 2 hrs. It was a good first ride of the year.

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