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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Eye Candy

Woke up early and out the door at 6am to take Emi and Abby to Quartzsite, AZ, to check out the annual Gem Show.

15 minutes into our drive through Garner Valley we see the sun starting to waking up.

Good morning, sun. A rare view of a sunrise for us, we hardly ever wake up this early. We enjoy sleeping. ^_^

At the lookout point overlooking Palm Desert. Our first time actually stopping here. The sun was just in the right place, we had to stop for a pic.

Entering Arizona.

A funny sign at the rest stop bathroom in AZ.

Quartzsite, AZ.

Yeay, we finally got to go here during a Gem Show. We were looking forward to finding some cool stuff.

Can't count how many times we said, "that's cool" and "that's pretty" !

Abby likes to collect agate slices. They are inexpensive and pretty, so it's a perfect fit.

Emi searching for a find at the dollar table.

There are some weird stuff here...


Lots and lots of pretty stuff.

Some nice Amethyst caves. Someday when I have $800 to spare...

Found a nice quiet spot on the outer edges of a RV park for a lunch break.

Enjoyed some sandwiches in the car before heading out for Round 2.

Inside one of the warehouses.

Selenite tower lamps. Maybe next time...

Ha ha, poop... Picked one up and touched Abby's arm with it. You touched poop Abby!

Since we live where there is an abundance of pine cones, this seemed ridiculous. And eight bucks??? That's crazy!

Chiriaco Summit is about the halfway point on our trip. There happened to be a Fosters Freeze there so we took an ice cream break. Turns out there was a General Patton Memorial Museum right across the street. The museum is a military history museum established in 1988 to honor General Patton and is located at the heart of the Desert Training Center from WWII.

We didn't go in but checked out the tanks from the outside.

It was a nice girls-day-out. I'm glad my girls enjoy the same things I do.

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