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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cedar Creek Falls

Visiting an old trail David and I hiked back when we were dating. Cedar Creek Falls about two miles west of Julian, CA. The last time we were there there wasn't much water flowing but with the recent storms I read the waterfall would be nice.
About eight miles of dirt road driving leads to a dead end. So many cars here with similar intentions. Next time will have to be a mid-week visit for sure. Luckily most of these people were already down the trail so the trail was pretty empty.

We see a waterfall to the right but it turned out that wasn't the one we were going to.

Abby with so much energy heading down the trail she pooped out on the way up. Shoulda put that coke in my pack...

Nice trail and nice views.

And there it is! Having noticing the walk down means walking back up, we opted for the top view instead.

Sage really wanted to touch the water so David joins him for the extra trek down.

I know Marmu... you want to go too...

The poppies were already blooming.

Sage, the plant, not my son... ^_^

About five miles round-trip, and a little over two hours hiking.

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