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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Non-School Day

Friday was a non-school day since it was parent conference week. I didn't want to waste the day at home so I took the kids hiking. Took them to the local Ernie Maxwell trail, they had hiked this before, from both ends, but never had hiked from beginning to end and back.

Here they are at the start:
Whoa Emi! You better stop this rock from rolling down!
We even saw a small snake coiled up next to a tree. It looks big in the pic, but the coiled up size was about the palm of my hand.

And, they made it! 2.5 miles and 400' elevation gain later.
Was surprised to see some water still flowing this late into the year.
5 miles and 3 hours later, we make it back to the car. Emi's been wanting to do the hike from Idyllwild to the Palm Springs tramway (about 9 miles) so this was a good training hike.


wild said...

Nice place :)

Vero said...

I have looked at your blog and just wanted to leave a comment.

Fall greetings from Sweden.

Ezanee said...

Hello! I was just blog hopping, and this post reminds me a lot of when my mom took me and my siblings out on trips like these. They were a lot of fun, and I'm sure your kids will look back on these things fondly as well.

Warm greetings from Malaysia :)

saffron said...

whoa, it looks like a rattler, was it? better be careful taking those blog shots!!

Mother Bliss said...

I'm not sure what kind of snake that was. But don't worry, I used my zoom!

Mary Collier said...

What a fun day! You and the kids always do such cool stuff.