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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

I fixed my oven, oh yeah, oh yeah!! The problem was my ignitor. I ordered the part from the Home Depot and it came Tuesday. I installed it and.... NOTHING. Damn. Was it the wrong part? Internet search pointed to the ignitor 97%. So I took a gamble and ordered the $60 part instead of calling the repairman who would of charged me $100 just to come look at it. Could it been the other 3% and it was something else? So more internet searches... still the same answers. Went back into my oven, and tested if I had electric currency. Yup. Hmmm, did I put it on wrong? There's only two wires, and I replaced them one at a time so it was the right side. Then, I notice a wire in the back that wasn't connected. Was it that way from the beginning or did it fall out? So I put it in where I think, but it won't stay. Maybe it's the wrong place. Well, I'll try taping it in and test it. I can always tear the tape off if it doesn't work, right? Put everything back in, closed the door, turned the oven off, and crossed my fingers. And BAM! It WORKED!!! Oh, I was SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I really didn't want to have to buy another oven, and can't live without baking. My kids'll be so excited too when I give them the good news. Yes, mommy can bake again!!!

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