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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's Yummies

It's hard to get kids to eat wheat bread. White bread just tastes better, even to me. Store-bought wheat bread's not fluffy enough, but one day I got some Honey Wheat bread by Sara Lee. Yes, I know...going commercial, shame on me. But surprisingly, Abby really liked this bread, probably because it was fluffy like white bread. Since then, she's asked for wheat bread periodically, I just had to get the ones that weren't 100% wheat since those are the denser ones. And then she asks, can Mommy make wheat bread? Well, I've never made it before but I don't see why not. So here is my first attempt at Honey Wheat bread. And yes, the inside was fluffy! Just can't taste the wheat though. But it sure is healthier than white bread. Here's the recipe for those who may be interested.

Halloween time is always time for caramel apples. I don't know why I never really make these any other time, they're really good and apples are available year round.
I only had six apples so there were some leftover caramel. I poked a lollipop stick into some marshmallows and coated them with caramel then drizzled them with some dark chocolate. The kids liked these just as much as the caramel apples!

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