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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sheepherder's Bread

If I buy bread, I usually buy Sheepherder's Bread. It's big and soft, and good toasted as well as a sandwich bread. I've always wanted to make this bread at home, but it is made in a dutch oven, which I don't have, and didn't want to pay $30-40 for one. I was browsing recipes again, and one site said I can make this in a regular bread pan or even make a french braid with it. Oh, I was so happy to hear this. So the next day, I tried the recipe which made so much dough that it wouldn't of fit into two loaf pans, so I just shaped it and placed it on the baking sheet and crossed my fingers. When I opened the oven after it was baked, it had grown significantly, and I could not help but let out a sound of surprise (which Emi overheard from her room, and immediately asks, "are you okay?"). The bread was HUGE. Now, the taste test. MMMMM, it was a little sweet, but soft and delicious. We are bread pigs, and we finished one right away despite having just ate dinner. Here's the recipe I used although I used about 1.5 more cups flour than the recipe states, and baked 20 minutes at 400*F.


P-T said...

Hi, just dropped by to say I'm enjoying your blog! :)

That bread looks YUMMMMM.

Colette said...

I've never had anything called sheperds bread, but wow!! That looks awesome! The color on top is beautiful. I can't believe how big it is!


Great bread.
Could use some more....went way to fast