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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tahquitz Peak

Teru was up for several days visiting us, so one day we decided to go for a hike. Abby and Sage HATE hiking, they just don't like getting tired. But since Teru was going with us, and we gave them incentives if they don't whine AT ALL, they were up for it.
Started off heading up Devil Slide trail. Sage and Abby had never been on this trail before, for a good reason too: 1700' elevation gain in 2.5 miles to Saddle Junction. But we promised to take a lot of breaks.
We had lunch at the saddle, where we decided this would be a good place for Abby to turn back instead of continuing on to the peak. She didn't mind. ^_^
Did you know that in the northern hemisphere moss tends to grow only on the north side of trees? So if you're ever lost in the forest, this is good to know. I learned this from Hank Hill (from the cartoon King of the Hill.) Funny I can remember this, and can't remember what I learned in school. The reason behind this is that the north side gets the least amount of sun, so it is able to stay moist the longest. Now, if you're in a forest where the sun doesn't hit any part of the tree, you'll see moss growing on all sides, and you'd be lost.

We were glad to see this sign, since that meant we were getting close.
Looking at Tahquitz from the rear with Suicide in the distance.

We made it! Elevation 8828', 4.3 miles later.
The kids got a Squirrel Card saying they made it to the peak.

Sitting on a rock with nice views for a snack before heading down.
That circled area is our little town, Idyllwild. Looks like it's in the middle of nowhere, doesn't it?
Heading down via South Ridge where David and Abby drove the car around to pick us up. Total stats: 2548' gain up, 2028' down, about 8 miles in 6 hours. This was Sage's first summit and he didn't complain one bit so I owe him a pack of baseball cards. ^_^


Brendan said...

Wow, that looks super fun!
We're in the middle of nowhere?

Mother Bliss said...

It doesn't feel like it but it looks that way, doesn't it?