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Monday, September 15, 2008

Evil Plan & Bikeman II

The latest shirts...

Bikeman II

...and Evil Plan. This is a pic of my bike, my first (and only, hopefully...) singlespeed. This is proof of David's evil plan to convert the family into singlespeeders, despite my specific request that I DO NOT WANT A SINGLESPEED!!!! See how well he listens? (^_^)
Coming soon to our Etsy store...


Velociraptor said...


Will you make one for me to buy when I see you all in November?

....pretty please??

Velociraptor said...

oh, I want an "Evil Plan" shirt--in small of course. lol's small will suffice.

Velociraptor said...

Yes!! Hey do you guys ever eat pork? I'm bringing you guys some filipino Tocino.