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Friday, September 05, 2008

Daily Excitement

Our chickens have started laying eggs! The first one was laid while we were in Napa, but our neighbor called to tell us and we were all so happy and excited. Since then, they've been laying pretty regularly, one or two eggs a day, with some days with none. We're not 100% sure, but we assume both chickens are hens since there are days we find two eggs. Which means Kobe is a hen, not a cock as we had thought. Kobe's comb and wattle is much larger than Kuro-chan's, and from the pictures we've seen of chickens we took Kobe to be a boy. Kobe's really loud too, crowing A LOT especially in the morning, which just added to our assumption. But we're happy if it is a she, since that means more eggs! They lay nice brown eggs, still on the small size, but it is really fun peeking into their coop and finding an egg. The kids ask me everyday afterschool, did they lay an egg?! And they always want to see it, although it looks like any ol' regular egg!

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