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Friday, September 05, 2008

Pickle Me

I love pickles, so good but pricey. So I tried making some. This one's Tamari Takuan (soy sauce daikon pickles.) I hung the daikon whole, outside for a few days till they got a little shriveled and soft. Sliced them and put them in some soy sauce with a little mirin (sweet cooking sake) and let them sit for about a week. This one was a hit with the kids.
Tried Kim-chi also. Quarted the napa cabbage, sun-dried for half-day, rubbed salt into them overnight. Rinsed and dried. Made a stock with some dried anchovies, salted shrimp, and kombu seaweed, strained and added chili powder, garlic, and grated apples. Put the paste in between the leaves, and let sit for about 2-3 days. This turned out to be fairly mild, which was good for the kids. My mom tried a kimchi recipe that didn't require making a stock and the whole thing was ready in a day. I'll have to try that one next.


P-T said...

Wow I'd like to try making those daikon pickles! Could you please share with me how much soy sauce and mirin you used? Thanks :)

Mother Bliss said...

The recipes says to use 1T. mirin per 800 grams daikon, and enough soy sauce to cover. Original recipes mentions nothing about drying it first, but since I had seen that in other takuan recipes I hung them whole, then sliced before pickling. I was hoping they would be sweet, like the store-bought kind, but I couldn't really detect any sweetness. I've also seen recipes that use just soy sauce, so the mirin is optional, possibly to cut down the saltiness of the soy sauce? Hope they turn out well, good luck!