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Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Daikon Pickles

Experimented with two more different kinds of pickles. This one was called Shiba-Zuke but I used daikon radishes instead of cucumbers. Sliced daikon and put in a brine made of plum vinegar, rice vinegar, sugar, sake, and mirin, and let sit in fridge minimum 7 days. This turned out kinda like namasu (pickled daikon and carrots, often served on New Years.)

An attempt at Tsubo-Zuke. I took three small daikons, sliced them and set them outside to dry for a couple days. I think they dried too much for they shrunk really bad. What I got in this sandwich bag are all three daikons!
The juice in the bag is a mixture of sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, dashi, and water. The radish taste was a little strong, possibly due to the concentrated dosage from being shrunk too much! But, nonetheless it was good, and I think I'll try this one again.

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