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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Freaked Out Chickens

The other day our chickens were just going off, BAWK BAK BAK BAK BAWK!!!! We looked down to see what was wrong and lo and behold, there was a mountain lion!!!! Man, those chickens were terrified, they were yelling their head off try to scare it away. Since they don't know they are in an enclosed safe area, it must of really freaked them out to see a mtn. lion so nearby. That lion hung out in the area for an hour or so, scaring the **** out of them. Finally, I went down (with an ax in one hand, just in case it attacks me) and locked them into their house so they can get some sleep. The picture is kinda blurry since I had to use the max zoom since I took the pic off my back deck, but you can see how close it was. Now that thing knows that there is dinner here, I'm sure it's scoping the area looking for an opening. Pretty scary knowing there are mtn lions so close to our house.


Anonymous said...

the imagery of you walking down there, ax in hand... ready to whup up on a mtn lion- priceless.
You're brave!

Epävirallinen mielikuvitusystävä said...

Pretty brave indeed! My everyday challenges include only encounters with gaspumps, two little boys and sitting eight hours infront of computer in a city office.

I check Your blog every now and then (for the forst time I got here by accident), it's inspiring -and it's nice to read about american familylife other than transmitted by the media.

All the Best
A Mother from Finland
(my blogger name is Epävirallinen mielikuvitusystävä, that woul be something like "An unofficial imaginated Friend " in English

Mother Bliss said...

Oh, believe me, I was scared! Just one of those moments you have to do SOMETHING. Like if your kids are in danger, you'd jump in to protect them, even if your legs are shaking!