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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good Weekend

Drove Sage down to SD for the Charger game so we got in a day of play on Sat. Played a little baseball and football, and then went to the beach. Being it's so cold where we live, going to the beach was the last thing on my mind so I didn't pack their swimsuits, but had I did I bet they would've swam! So the girls played in the sand...
...while Sage and Teru played some "golf."
Rock hopping on the jetty...

Hey, snow! ^_^

The edge of the earth.

Persimmon picking in Pauma Valley on the way home.

And then came home to 36*F and signs that it snowed a little while we were gone. Brrrr, it's cold. Hard to believe we were on a sunny beach just yesterday.

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