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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween & Sage's 9th Birthday

October 31... Sage's birthday (cool huh?) and Halloween. This year, Emi was Space Duck (from the Imaginary World of Mr. Toast). She made the costume herself. Sage was the Japanese baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki. And Abby was a black kitty cat. Idyllwild celebrates Halloween with a trick-or-treating parade down one of its main roads instead of going door-to-door. Since many of the houses are vacation homes or weekenders, it's a good thing for the kids things are this way, otherwise they would be walking a lot for just a little candy! (And there are no street lights, so everything is pitch dark.)

Here's Emi and her friends.

Abby with Annissa (some girl from the Jonas brothers.)

Sage with Ben (Al Capone.)

The parade ends at a carnival and a haunted house. There's a new place in town that has over 100 beers, so David and I had a beer while the kids ran around.

Back home, Sage got a rootbeer float and an Eli Manning jersey. Tonight he's having his buddies over for a sleepover with his dinner wish: ribs, mashed potatoes, veggie dip, rolls, chips & salsa & guacamole, and coleslaw, and Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert. Next week, David's taking him to a Charger game. He's having a good birthday, don't you think?

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