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Monday, June 28, 2010

38 Years Young

The other day was my birthday. David always makes me omlets for my b-days and Mother's days since it's something I enjoy but never make for myself. This year's b-day omlet had cheese, goat cheese, basil, and tomatoes.

I said I wanted to hike from Idyllwild to Palm Springs again. The kids said they could do it with me so we dropped off a car in Palm Springs the day before and started a family hike from Devil's Slide.

Willow Creek. One of many rest stops.

Looks like an ad for Osprey packs, doesn't it?

Hidden Lake...we couldn't find it last year so I'm glad we found it this time. Unfortunately it was fenced off for preservation.

David whips out some PBR. Always thinking about beer, that man...

We're almost there! 6.8 miles hiked, 1.3 to go.

Since they have to listen to my wishes on this picture time! ^_^

Long Valley Ranger Station.

Looking down to Palm Springs from the start of the tram ride.

Headed over to Mr. Cora's Mexican Seafood Restaurant in Cathedral City. Mmmm...that Michilada hit the spot. I'm not sure what they put on the rim but it made the drink tastier.

I'll have some of that Viagra...(^_^)
I wonder what they call it in Mexico...

Shrimp ceviche tostadas. Reminded me of the days we used go to Ensenada, Mexico to eat and drink.

The shrimp tacos were good too.

This is why we don't live in the desert.


David said...

Wow I thought you were 28

Mother Bliss said...

Oh yeah, I am! Just ask Abby. ^_^